Топ 10 самых дорогих пород кошек мира в порядке убывания

Cat Classification

Абиссинская огненная красавицаTitle


Brief description


Energistic and very fabulous, of all nature, has the title of " occupiers " of the cat world. Very smart and smart. One of the oldest breeds in the world in Ethiopia. There's a wild appearance and a wild body color like a photo. It's a great companion, but it doesn't fit for kids. Such a cat won't be sitting on his knees, and it's too bad to lose attention.

Американский бобтейлAmerican Bobteil

It's a cat-real companion, he's a good traveler, so you can take him anywhere. And they're good therapists, they can be used for people with mental problems. Bobtails are delicate, sensitive and loving. The beautiful appearance also made them very popular. They've got short tails like a photo and big faces, and long back legs. Very manual and smart.


Leopard or homeboy? This unique cat keeps a wild ancestor's gene. Characterizes her unusual appearance, wild stain paint, like photos, plastics and body gravity, and special love for water.Бенгальская пятнистая It fits caring and active people, doesn't really work with kids.


It's called a house panther. There's nothing in common with the name because it's in the US. There's black colour, short hair, very mobile and graceful. Furious and loyal, may walk on a leash. Released in America. Heart disease and obesity. They're good with dogs.

British short-short

It's a very popular pond, has a round mortal face and cheeks. They have a calm temper. They say it's on these faces that the Cheshire cat smiled. They're strong and strong, they're real cultural. The most popular color of cats is blue, like in the photo.

Devon Rex

Бомбейская черная Британский короткошерстный кот Девон-рекс Египетская мау

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