Все современные виды кошачьих - таксономия кошачьих. Энциклопедия

Cat Species

The Absinian cat is smarter and much more obedient than the rocks. Intelligentity is the quality of her blood. Favorite abyssins are games, jumps, fun, in nature, extraverts and loves being focused. Because of its nature and uncomfortable nature, he doesn't like it when it's confined in space.

Asian tabbies have always been popular with their large number of varieties, soft short hair, and also heterogeneity.

This cat has two names: American tough and wireless cat. She got her second name for a wool, which resembles a wire - a tough one, a stiff one.

American short-speed cat They've been in the US since 1965. She reminds her appearance and colour of European short-sighted cats. Poison colours: cream, white, blue, red, black smoke, black, blue smoke. There's another colour variety that's called ginger. The character of American short-star cats can be defined as lasque and good, understandable and jumpy, which have their courage and good hunting qualities.

The American Bobteil is a large, well-established cat with a developed muscle and a short mobile tail. American Bobteil-- there are semi-length and short-short options. Short-short specials have short hair, short, springing, soft, moderately developed. Half-length is the wool of the mean length, the flap, the tight, the staircase is soft, the hair decorated on the neck, the chest, the rear limbs and the rupture is only a little longer than the main blood wool. A colour is possible. Active and resilient, like walks and games in fresh air. They need to care for the hair. Because the short tail is mutation, cats may have health problems.

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