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Like Cat Species

Pussy and naked, lax and self-balanced, non-settled and lounge are all our favorite pets. There are dozens of cat species in the world, each with unique characteristics. If you're lucky to be the owner of a kitten with a grand parent, you'd better know how to take care of him than feed him and what to expect.

History of cats

Some breeds came by accident, others were the result of a long settlement work, and thirds had managed to preserve the appearance and the wedding of their wild ancestors, for which they were valued by caters. Okay, an independent Siberian cat was known by our ancestors long after the first attempts to register it, and a teddy little British short-sixed cat once just caught mice on the streets of London.

Still, most of the species won't say that. For example, the Persian cat looked very different when it was first introduced to the Europeans. There's nothing to say about bald breeds, some of them seem alien to the cat world, so different from the usual Moorks and Muroc. And it's only a small part of all cats: according to the statistics, only 1 per cent of the cat brothers can be bragged into a famous species.

Targeted work on new breeding began only a century and a half ago. Most of the natural beauty that people know today was registered only in the past century. But all of them have entered our lives so firmly that it is difficult to imagine without their fun.

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