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White Cat Species

The white color of the wool is the absence of any pigmentation from cats. To figure out where the breeds of white cats come from and the white cats themselves, we need to take a little tour to the genetics. There are seven genes in all variations that define cat colours.

In fact, a pure white colour can come out for three independent reasons.

  1. The albinos have a white cause that the worm does not contain enough melanocytes - pygment cells. Of course, albinism is genetic, too. Gen, responsible for albinism, is marked C and may be present at cats in five options: full colour (C), Burundi (Cb), Siamsky (Cs), blue-eyed (partial) albinos (c/a) and rose-eyed (full) albinos (c/c).

    In other cases, cats have enough melanocytes, but they are masked by other genetic factors.

  2. Full white stain. This interesting factor is marked by the letter S. Normally, this gene is not entirely dominated, and then the cat gets painted by white stains of different sizes. This stain can reach the size of a cat. For example, a white cat with a red hat is considered to be a white-white cat. A white cat in this case is also considered a cat of another colour (e.g. black or red) but with a white stain of the whole cat.
  3. Dominant white. The dominant white gene W overlaps the values of the other genes defining the pigmentation, and the result is a white cat with blue eyes. In a situation of dominant white, other genes in charge of colour are also present, but they do not show themselves at all. This means that if a cat has a dominate allel W in the genotype, no other genetic factors responsible for colour are present.

Dominant white

The dominant gene, which defines the white colour of the wool, is marked by the Latin letter W (from the English white). This gene has an amazing ability to close all the other cat genes. I mean, a cat in his genotype could be black or red, but the white gene masks these colors, and the cat gets white.

As we remember from the school course of genetics, genes (in fact, their allies) can be dominant and recessive. The dominant gene is marked by a large letter (W), a recessive, small (w).

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