Египетская мау - описание породы, фото, характер, видео, цена

Egyptian Cat Species

египетская мау фото“We mentioned the cat, and he's already running,” is the Egyptian saying (the way we are: “Legok on a memorial”. People's wisdom must have meant not some mythic cat, but a world known as the Egyptian Maw!

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These cats are legendary. Their ancestors in ancient Egypt were so honored that they had been read as divine in their lives, and after the cat was driven over Neal ' s waters to eternal kingdoms, the owners shaved their eyebrows in memory, and for a long time, they were disgraceful, drawing pictures on the papirus in honor of the tailed skyr.

Distinguishing signs (to become a special “leopard” colour) will be related to those holy Nubian cats and mau known to us.египетская мау But the country of modern Egyptian mau, rather than the country of pyramid, is a country of great opportunities.

The factories have tried to restore ancient breed several times, but the circumstances of the insurmountable force have led their efforts to zero. By the mid-1940s, the species had hardly met. But this is the case of Prince Natalia Trubecki.

Aristocrat, emigrating from Italy to the United States in 1956, took several maus off Cairo. That's where in America, the silver cats of Lisa and Baba and the bronze cat Jojo in Fatima's pet made everything possible and impossible to rebuild the population. In a couple of years, Trubecki could have bragged a 10-year-old Egyptian.

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