Русская голубая кошка - описание, фото, уход, характер, цена

Russian Cat Breed

For cat lovers. We offer you a dozen of the most popular cat species in the United States on the American Association of Felinologists. The list is in reverse order.

Number 10: Sphinx

Barhat leather is the main line of cats, sfinks. It's a loving, smart and funny animal. He loves attention.

Number 9: Russian blue

Easy, smart, easy to love her. She loves her family very much and not as demanding as many other species.

Number 8: Manx

This breed doesn't have a tail, but it's a lot of energy. He likes to play and torment. Some of the Menks devote their love to one of the families.

Number 7: American short-speed

It's a breeding version of a short-stop house cat and the seventh most popular cat breed in the US. Unforced character, love for different kinds of fun and patience make this cat a popular pets in houses. He's great with guests and other pets.

Number 6: Gimalai

This pond came out by crossing Persian and Siamese. He's been drinking the best of these two species, the calm of the Persian and the lovingness of the Siamese.

Number 5: Bengal

Energic, smart, active and independent is only part of the words that can be described by the Bengal breed of cats. This cat doesn't like to sit on her hands so much, but she also needs a lot of attention. You can even teach her to leash.

Number 4: Ragdol

You will be crowned with these blue eyes, and the calmness and ability to be friends with all in a row will only add a good impression from these cats.

Number 3: Main-kun

It's a real soft giant. He's good with others, even dogs! Cats of this breed often follow their owners from the room to the room. And it's hard not to see, this species can weigh to 8, 2 kg!

Number 2: Persian

Glamur peaches - second The most popular The cat breed in the US. It's a very soft, quiet, and a loving pet. Besides, look at his face! Because of his hair, of course, there might be a lot of problems, but it's worth it.