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All Cat Species

Peterbold, Petersburg Sphinx.
It's a medium-sized cat, stunning, exquisite, with pronounced features of oriented species. She has a long, muscular neck, similar to the neck of the famous Neferti, and proudly has a sharp narrow, clino-like head, as professionals say, with flat cheeks. The ears are large, relatively broad on the basis, divorced from the ends. Peterburg Sphinx is very valuable, so-called English ears. You can put a piece of paper on those ears. Pieterboll's got a proud profile, and the nose is long and straight, but it's better if it comes up with a skull line, a little swelling. Such a profile is characteristic of an extreme type. Peterbold has unusually beautiful eyes, almonds, with the outside corners, bright blue or green. The body of these cats has a long, steep form, that is the same width in the shoulders and hips, if you look on top. Besides, it should have a good round of ribs, and the diaper should not be matched with a view. Legs are high, tight. Laps are large, oval, stretched fingers and fat pillows. The blade shall be long, thin and very flexible - " whiplash " , as the cats say, the hooks and fractures are not allowed.

Types of leather cover
The brache is covered with a wool: short or long, rigid, worn in whole or in part. An adult animal or remains the same, or on the back and neck, parts of a partial skiing appear.
Bras punt, the kitten is practically different from the brache, may have a shorter hair on the back and head, a tail scarred. An adult animal has a thick wool only on the face, the laps and possibly the tail, i.e. the points. The shell is covered in whole or in thin flask (see below).
Velur - the kitten has a short or long soft wool on the whole hull than it looks like a flask, longer and thicker on the laps and tail. An adult animal may have a short residual wool on the paws and the morde, can be demolished almost entirely by staying in " tips " or " golf " , very rarely completely naked, but such cases are not exceptional. Rigid wool is harder than soft.
Flock's a kitten usually doesn't have eyebrows and ears or short ears. Shelter, if any, not more than 2 mm throughout the body. Like a kitten doesn't have it, he's silk, very nice, like a good barhat. Such a kit cannot be confused with the epilated (which is the case of bad manufacturers trying to raise the price of a kitten).
A naked kitten with no wool, there may be a residual flask wool on the screws. The skin cover is covered by specific allocations, which gives the skin a form of rubber. When you smooth a kitten like that, your skin is holding hands.
Direct variability is a feature of this variation, in the absence of a gene of fury. The kitten has a normal wool and direct mustache. It's not getting naked with age. However, the nature and some other features of the sfinx have this type.
And there's still a lot of transitional types of wool, sometimes it's hard to guess what a kitten will be in adulthood.
Patterbols, as well as oriented ones, Siamese cats belongs to a single natural group, the eastern cats. They have similar standards and are mainly only wool.

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