Энциклопедия пород кошек с фото

Encyclopedia Of Cats

Each issue of the new program begins with a detailed introduction to several cat species. What do they prefer to eat? How do you care? How friendly are they, and they're close to people, games and communicables? Will there be a lot of pain and how long will it take?

The program will help the masters who have decided to start a kitten to determine who prefers from a multitude of cats: raccoon, Egyptian, Siamese, Oriental, Himalayan, Angor or Persian? And the owners of cats better understand their pet and change their care if necessary. Qualified cat raising councils give their owners and veterinarians.

This telecyclopedia can also find interesting facts from the history of the emergence and spread of different cats and stories of pussy painters with dizzy tricks in the circus, about the 18-kilogram American cat and his painful struggle against the overweight or weight of a boy suffering from autism, who helps to get rid of his nutcase.

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