Коты великаны МЕЙН КУНЫ (самая крупная порода кошек) - 2ч

Large Powder Of Cats

кошка СаваннаSavannah's cat hit Gines' record books as the biggest cat, naturally domestic.

Savannah's cat was removed as a result of the intersection of several cat species with an African wild cathedral earring. Undoubtedly, the savan cat is the largest homemade breed.

The cat called Scarlett Mejik became a record shift with a body height (from shoulder to finger tips on the paws) of 43.43 centimeters. It was also nominated for another nomination, the longest home cat on Earth (from the end of the nose to the tip of the tail)

Scarlett is a unique, smart and lazy house cat looking like a wild predator from the African desert. She walks on a leash, wears things in her teeth and doesn't fear water. It is also worth adding that Savannah is a very expensive pet and is on the list of the most expensive domestic animals.

Скарлетт Мэджик саванная кошка Саванна 1255671612_Savannaya_koshka_5

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