керл редкая порода кошек

Rainbow Of Cats

Hand of Cats.
This article will be about the great cats of the Egyptian Maw.
External characteristics of Egyptian mau

These cats have special features of the exterrier, which are unique to representatives of the species only. The body of this animal is flexible and flexible, medium size, with a well-developed muscle.
Cat's muscle doesn't give a general exterrence of rudeness. At the expense of the long rear legs, the representatives of this species look very nice and sophisticated.

Egyptian mau has a large-scale climatic head and ears. The ears are rounded, although they have a size greater than the average. The species is marked by the bright green almond eyes, which are embedded in a distinctive " maquila " , long dark strips in the outer corners of the eye.

Consequently, only silver, smoked and bronze oils are allowed to produce.

Cats born with black or marble colours are not recognized as natural. The Egyptian mau's bone is long enough and his end is always black. Also, the nature of the species is considered to be high staining all over the body and 2 to 3 semicolons on the chin.
The colour and non-symmetricality of laps laps also does not conform to the standard. Sherthian cover is smooth and uniformly attached to the body. Each hair should have two to three ticing rings.

Nature temperature

It's a positive feature. Cats are pretty communicable and socialized, like games and relationships with babies. Besides, they're doing great with other homeboys. Because of their high communication abilities, they are very attached to the family and loyal to the master.
For Egyptian mau, natural curiosity and observance. They have good hunting skills, and they have to be very careful, walking a pet or leaving a window open, he won't just be interested in watching a bird, he'll try to catch her.

A balanced and friendly character makes these animals great friends of a man. Because of loyalty and love for the master, Egyptian mau spends a lot of time with a man, like to sit on his knees, not much "between," but keeps him around the house.
Interesting facts about nature

It's a beautiful character and an obnoxious appearance that will make you fall in love with this species from the first meeting.

Egyptian mau

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