Манчкин - порода кошек с короткими лапами (31 фото)

Japanese Pound Of Cats

Японский бобтейл, фото японских бобтейловJapan Bobteil is a breed of cats whose main feature is an unusual, twisted tail. Its length averages 10 to 12 cm, but because of its hardened shape, the outer looks more like a rabbit's tail than the tail of a normal cat.


Such a trail of tail, the cat species must be a recessed gene. So, if both parents of the beans, all their kittens will have stiff tails.

The species of the Japanese beans originates from the Upper Sun. It has also been distributed in selected regions of South-East Asia.

Японский бобтейл, фото японских бобтейловFG/tessochka

There are usually three, four kittens, larger than a cat of other species. Kotata have been very active and participatory since birth. They're smart, curious, have a pleasant soft voice, like to control things and talk to the hosts. Some of the owners of the Japanese beans say their pets can sing. These cats are easy to learn and happy to do different tricks.

The species has been known in Japan for centuries, and there are many literature and art monuments that support it.

One of the theories, short-sighted cats came from Asia at least 1,000 years ago. And in 1602, the Japanese authorities ordered all cat owners to release them so that they could fight silk worms.Японский бобтейл, фото японских бобтейлов The purchase and sale of cats was declared illegal, and short-sighted cats freely settled on farms or streets.

The Japanese Bobteil is also mentioned in the book of Englebert Keimpfer Japan, published in London in 1701-1702. The book was the first literary work of the Western author describing the flora, fauna and geographical characteristics of Japan.

Maneki-necko, a Japanese bobthyle, sitting upside down, is considered a symbol of good luck. Manecko sculptures can often be seen at the entrance to Japanese houses or stores.

In 1968, Elizabeth Frereret brought three of the first Japanese beans from Japan to the United States, and in 1976 the pond was recognized as CFA.

The cats of this breed are strong, muscle-assed, front legs shorter than the rear, ovary. Head reminds me of the lateral triangle, the cheeks are tall, the nose is straight and long, the eyes are big, wide, ovary. The ears are sharp, stretched forward, wide at the base and at right angles to the head. The neck of the mean length, proportionally to the torso.