Турецкая порода домашних кошек

One-Half Of Cats

Cats are Turkish Van. Remember your vacation tour! Buy Turkish Van. Enjoy the sea every day.

Turkish Van species

These are such wonderful cats of Turkish van on video!

Nature description, Turkish Van species standards

Turkish Van's body: muscle and medium, long but low.

Turkish Van:medium, large, fine paws.

Turkish Van's Horse: medium length, tumor, no pancake, brown red. The stains with the same colour are located all over the tail.

Turkish Van's head:It's a short triangle, it's a low. Direct, medium length. Strong neck, strong chin.

The eyes of the Turkish Van: the big, ovary shapes have a little cosmic supply. Colour is light-yantar, blue or different for each eye. Veks have pink octanus.

Types of colours of Turkish Van

The weight of the limestone-white color is not yellow. Cashtano red stains on the head with a white prototype. The ears must be white, the inner part of the ears and the pawbags are gently cancerous.

The silk, long and soft. There's no need to be a pearl.
The colours are brown red with white, turtle or cream.

Parameters, size, weight of Turkish Van

One medium-size Turkish Van, a cat weighs 4-5 kg, a cat weighs 6-9 kg.

Nature of Turkish Van

Turkish Van is a loving and gentle cat. They're very smart, and they're good at being trained if they're willing to take a walk on the leash. The owners of this species believe that the behaviour of their loved ones is more like the behaviour of the dogs, in the sense of their manner, always beside the master.
Turkish Van belongs to those species that are good with dogs if they feel like leaders in this relationship. They also find a good common language with other home-loving children.

Turkish Van is a very loving and energetic cat. She'll like both simple paper toys and special pets.