Витамины для кошек с кальцием, для шерсти, какие витамины давать

Cat Calcium

At the very beginning of my fascination with cats, I witnessed a discussion between factories on whether to give extra calcium to add koske power during delivery. I listened very carefully when one factory told me how his cat gave birth to a big lipstick. After the birth of four kittens, Mom suddenly started very fast and often breathing. Suddenly she was weak and powerless. The tip brought her Gluconut Calcia. It worked like a miracle, and in 15 minutes, the cat regained its strength and made four other healthy kites. At the end of the birth, the factory introduced her another dose of Gluconat Calcia and another three days later. I was very interested. And I wanted to figure out what happened to the cat? When I studied in more detail the transcripts of kits or calcium injections in delivery, I found some interesting facts. Veterinarys often inject calcium at the same time as oxytocin because it is assumed that the cat needs a sufficient calcium for oxytocin. My personal veterinary cautions, however, against the unwarranted addition of the calcium of a pregnant, lushing or feeding cat.

Blood calcium test
It recommends that, prior to the appointment of an additional drug, every time possible.
There are two reasons why she prefers to know calcium levels in animal blood. First, the introduction of too many calciums, when not required, could lead to acute and serious kidney failures. And secondly, knowledge of the calcium level in your cat's blood helps predict whether this cat is predisposed to low blood calcium levels during the future pregnancy and the birth of kittens.

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