сделать игрушки для котов своими руками

Cat Games

Cats love to play, it's fun for them and sports, and for us, it's an opportunity to get close to the lover and maybe even teach her some interesting tricks! We're going to play cat and cat toys and tell them how to choose them.

Laser index

What, and in the rating of the most fun games, the laser game is out of competition! All you have to do is point-and-wheel light, so the sunscreen can be better visible. And it's important to observe a small rule of security, not to light the cat in the eye. Now, you're going to start driving red stains on the wall or on the floor, and you're gonna see how incredibly a game your beloved fell!


The second place in the rating of the most successful cat entertainment is the balls. What kind of ball games are better for a cat to decide, you're gonna need a jump ball, and an ordinary board tennis ball or any other ball that you'll meet in zoomagazines. Hyperactive behavior of such a toy will give a cat a little bit of interest, and you'll be happy to watch her gymnastics!


Also a popular toy for a beloved cat is a duck. It's a stick that ends with a bunch of feathers or a blank. And if you choose a retrieval, the lover will be able to enjoy your absence. And that's the best choice to keep a cat active.


Mouses are favorite. cat toys♪ The types of toys are countless: in stores, you'll find statistical and navigable mice, and even radioed mice. Still, your favorite would be happy with any mouse, especially if there's a horny filler in it. And your choice will determine whether a cat will play on its own, or you will take part (of course, always more pleasantly together).

Annexes for tablets

And this is an excellent option for the most advanced cats and their owners. Recently, online magazans have been playing games to bring domestic pets into modern technology. And it worked! For example, Game for Cats or Game for Kittens offer to the pashy housewives to hunt for a mouse or laser, and cats are willing to accept this offer.

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