Игра Для Кошек Скачать - innorutracker

Cat Game

Game to entertain your favorite cat or cat. Make your pet a little happier.

A little on the interface:
♪ To return to the menu of the game level, it's necessary to press the "home" button twice, with a little delay. It's done to protect against accidental attacks by your pet.
- There's also a need to press the button twice to change the parameters of the game.

- Protested by several cats on a screen without a protective film, no scratches were detected, but there's always a possibility of exception, in case you have a glamorous cat with diamonds on claws.
- on a screen with a protective film, there may be a scratch on the claw.

To protect against switching to other applications, use the IOS function of Hyde Access.
There's this function here: 'Development' - 'Snow' - 'Universal Access' - 'Gid Access'.

If you want to see new functions or find a mistake, write to VC or mail if_dev@icloud.com.

What's new in version 1.10?

1. The sound of mice is added.
2. Various improvements in animation and correction of minor errors.

Both cat game

from DavedgahN

Good game! The cat's happy! Mobile turns around, thinks mice is on the phone.

Good game.

from Irsen bur

Oh, good, cat's up for an hour.

High class!

from Svetlankakish

Best game! The baby's happy! Thank you for making this app! What you need!

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  • Version: 1.10
  • Dimension: 33.2 MB
  • Languages: Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English, Belarusian, Italian, Catalan, Korean, Maltese, German, Polish, Slovak, traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, French, Swedish
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