Кормление кота по-фламандски: ronner_knip



  1. Bovine's cheese refrozen - (for a kitten not less than 30 grams, mature - 100-120 grams). Every day (approximately months from 3, 5 to 8) the beef can be eaten at between 500 and 1,500 g (a day).
  2. Smoking's boneless - every day. For kittens, chicken breasts. About three, five months can be chicken legs.
  3. Sub-products are chicken or beef (stern, lungs, liver, kidneys) in vein. Heart is not more than 1 times per week (war). The cookies are the filters of any organism, the causal ones too. Easies and kidneys, few of them eat at all. All refrigerated meat products need to be boiled.
  4. Fish, don't give at all.
  5. Chicken eggs (white to be given) - raw or pure, or can be wiped with creativity. 1-2 times in the sky. Pepper eggs can be made in full cheese.
  6. The milk is fresh raw or boiled (only cats up to 3 months of age, since milk in an adult cat is not absorbed and causes a stomach disorder and a kitten is necessary).
  7. Dairy carcasses are liquid (bottoms up to 3 ms): sometimes give oatmeal, a small amount of in-kind feeding, but this may not be done, better be replaced by vegetables.
  8. Oxygen products: kefir (cottoms good to add gluconate and glycerofosphate, powdered, bioyogurt, cream (small) all mean fat, and cheese. You can do it every day. Cheese give older kittens (4--5 monthsMore often like encouragement or lacquency in the practice.
  9. The carcass is fresh (also with the addition of gluconate and glycerophosphate planted in powder) - it is possible to mix with an estimated or raw egg yellow. Cotatam three to four times a week, grown cats 1 to 2 times a week.
  10. Eyes: Oat cereal (vaporative), rice, Greek - mixed in 1:2 with nut meat (1 malax: 2 meat). A few times a week.
  11. Vegetables of raw or weary: carrots, colour cabbage, dried sea cabbed, pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumbers (small), fruits which will be mixed in proportion 1:2 with meat (1 vegetables: 2 meat). A few times a week.
  12. The green is the grain of the wheat. You can raise grass on the underground (wheat or oats). Get off the street! You don't have to add food, because the cat's digging grass. Broken cats give herds for wool (e.g. 8v1).
  13. Dry bears are contained in all complex additives (group B vitamins). Every day, a kit plus micronuts + feeds.
  14. Cats don't give vegetable oil, only vaseline, if there are problems like closures. You can in your mouth around the hood every day with the oily vitamins of ADE. With normal feeding of the closures, the kittens must not have.
  15. Mineral-vitamine feeds (e.g. Canine vitamins, 8v1). Every day, the dosage is from the age of the kitten. The rest is lamb. Real vitamin phases in powders, injections.
  16. Fresh water purified through the filter or boiled shall stand at CEGDA. Don't teach cats to boiled water, and then if you drink cheese from the crane, there's a stomach problem. You don't need to raise a warm, clown animal!
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