Порода домашних кошек, похожая на рысь, c кисточками на ушах


самые крупные породы домашних кошек: Курильский бобтейл10th place: The Kuril Bobteil is a Russian frost of a short cat. The Kuril islands of Kunashire and Iturup are considered to be the homeland of this species, from which the Kuril Bobteil was taken to the mainland at the end of the twentieth century. The males of the species reach a weight of 6, 8 kg, the weight of the female varies from 3, 6 to 5 kg.

9th place: Chartres is a short-seater of cats recognized in the world, except in Britain, where it is considered to be a British short-short option.порода кошки большого размера Шартрез The species got its name from the city of Chartre, because it was here in the middle of the century that these cats were being built. In Germany, this species is called the Cartezian cat because it is believed to have been held by the Monks of the Order of Cartezians. Chartress is a big, strong and muscular cat that is often called a dog-cock in France, because the ballrasses are very smart, they answer their name and they can even learn to bring the master of the objects.
The weight of male chartresses 6-7 kg, the weight of females 4-5 kg.

8th place: Pyxib - Artificially dried cats in the United States, whose creators have sought to make the house cat as close as possible to the redhead.большие породы домашних кошек с фотографиями и названиями: Пикси-боб Pyxibob is naturally less than a rat, but it's a large enough breed of cats. The weight of males varies from 5, 4 to 7, 7 kg, the weight of females from 3, 6 to 5, 4 kg.

7th place: The Norwegian forest cat is the breed of domestic half-length cats. The males weigh between 5 and 9, 5 kg, males between 3, 5 and 7 kg.

6th place: Turkish van or a Turkish tub cat is one of the oldest cats. It's a half-length, big cat with a muscular, long body. The length of males from the nose to the tip of the tail is 90 to 120 cm, the height in shoulders is 35 to 40 cm, the weight of 6 to 9 kg. The females are smaller and weigh between 4 and 5 kg. Turkish van today is one of the rarest cats.

5th place: Siberia cat - The famous Russian pond of semi-dlinosherst cats, known as their origin, Siberia. The weight of cats is 6 to 9 kg, cats from 3, 5 to 7 kg.

Норвежская лесная кошка. фото Турецкий ван / турецкая ванская кошка фото

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