Toy Cat

My dear colleague is unhappy! Let me hug you, I understand you! It's only a week since I'm a cat owner, and today I've pressed the button of "Clossing" because I've had enough of my nerve and my hands full.

The kitten showed up at home, but suddenly, we wanted the pizza, but everything was pulled until fate got in and threw a half-month dead cat at the village house. The question didn't even come up, we said "takes."

My plan was to spoil this kitten. I've had enough of my short life. While preparing the house for an animal, I read the forums, talked to volunteers and veterinarians, and I picked up the best feed. I was most afraid of having to raise a kitten and punish. When the animal was brought into the house, I realized that we got the treasure: a luxury, calm and gambling cat who likes to sleep on his hands and torch, she instantly I.D.'d the lottery and the claw, quickly developed and moved away. Here we go.

♪ What are you feeding her? Are you crazy? Break it! Buy her the Kittyket, and don't jump out, my ass was cute! And the sausages were eaten with catastrophe. She's street!

♪ What? You drive a cat to the vet? Are you crazy? She's street!

♪ God, why do you need that filler, you sand! She's street!

I'm not arguing or proving that there's no difference between a breeder and a street cat. This is my kitten, for me. the most expensive and natural♪ But it's half a win. Such counselors are simply sent with varying degrees of courtesy and all cases. But there's a family and guests in the house.

No, the cat's name is what it is, and it's different. Please, esteemed mother-in-law, don't always call her Princess. We've been living with you for the last week, and with a cat, I hope it's longer, and if the animal stops to answer his name and starts with this nasty nickname, I'll call you something. It's not as bad as that. And all the time.

No, husband's sister, I'm glad you saved the cat and brought her into the house. But she doesn't remember you anymore, at least let her sniff you out, you need to grab and squeeze... I told you not to. She scratched, of course. And he'll hide from you for half a day.

No, aunt of husband. I won't let you anywhere near the animal. It's because you tried to squeeze a kitten's tail for a joke. And you don't have to drown her and scare her. You're just playing, and you're under animal stress.

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