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At the Children ' s Creation House, the annual regional exhibition of Creativity and Figures of the Charodei was completed. This year, there were 700 works of six hundred participants from 26 educational institutions and DDT caregivers.

Nominating winners
" Golden Pistachios of Russia " : Polina Reneva (Sars), Igor Zakirov (R.Sars) and Diana Buligina (Sars).
Wizard Beresta: Dasha Kuzvesov and Vanya Zagvoskin (DDT).
“Country Architecture”: Masha Shutova (Sars), Rosalina Shakirov (DDT), Xenya Dulcza (OSS No. 2).
" Wooden Mosaic " : Kirill Turgunov (Petrovslovsk), Rustam Akbashev (Course, Sars).
" Solo Rabot " : Maxim Beltukov, Gulnaz Rosekov and Veronica Safin (DDT).
Ani Yakimova family (Tyush).
Gold needle: Julia Rossihin (OSS No. 1) and Catherine Burtsova (Sars).
Schete and Croy: Sveta Zmeev, Nastya Sharifullin and Nastya Zdanova (DDT). " Diane Fazliev (Sars), Galia Shakirov, Nastya Boleva, Veronica Zmeev, Lisa Torbeeva (DDT), Xenya Plusnin (correct, Sars), Lisa Klenova (Bogorodsk), Irushki-Koški (DT).
Nikita Kiselev (OSS No. 1), Nastya Boleva, Lena Koyev (DDT), Anya Merzlakova (Olkhov)
“Biserruptcy”: Xenya Osenkova (Tyush), Vica and Natalia Anatolevna Shuranova (family creativity).

♪ This year, we have a new nomination, Family, to tell the director of DDT S.V.Ovchinnikov, to assess the work done by parents and children. We've got a separate site for children with OVZ. Those who have not worked for the first year in this exhibition can see the dynamics of these children, which cannot but applaud and admire the success of the children and their educators. The best work will take place at the end of the Flora-decore competition, to be held in May in Perm.

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