На корм котам – Коммерсантъ Воронеж

Corm Cats

The cats on the rights of the owners walk around the café and chase each other. And sometimes they break up on the table like they're preventing guests.

♪ In such cases, the Administrator would like to remove the cat from the table, which is often answered by visitors: " No need, let them lie " . A cat can pull something out of a plate and run. That's why no one's rolling. We're just changing the line. Because if the dish had ruined the waiter, we would have replaced him, too.

Café auditorium in most women (dates 21 to 35). The kids are not allowed to go to the café for six years. About 240 people received a maximum per day of the cafeteria, with an average of 3,000 people per month. The average account increased by one euro from the previous year to six.

♪ We're not going to abandon practice with a minimal account of Euro3. Unfortunately, from a business point of view, visitors who just came to see cats are unsatisfactory, we can just go to minus. If you don't have 20 cents of euros, you can ask for that amount to not order anything else. There is no minimum account in Budapest, but prices are three times higher than in other cafes. We have low prices, they are compared to Čili Pica, and some positions are even cheaper.

We're only staying with food, even though our cats are going to make money too.

The most significant item in the cafeteria is products and all the funds that go to cat maintenance.

♪ The usual vaccination is 30 euros, and we have 15 cats. Sometimes you need a pill and something. There's a good example of how we cut costs. Each visitor is given bahilahs that were purchased in a Lithuanian company. They thought it would be too expensive to think of such a thing. Reading what the bahils do in Poland-- signed up with the firm and ordered the party right in the café. It's been two times cheaper. We'd like other products to buy directly, but we're too small a cafe and we can't provide a supplier of opts.

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