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Mice Games

950 940 930 shirt.

Bones on: 48

and above

- 20 minutes.

Keywords: puzzle, child, logic, rules in a minute developing with beasts

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It's a fun knuckle party in the middle. Each loves a piece of cheese and doesn't want to get out, so we can only move around the mouse plates, together with the cheese. Help the cheese mouses turn their faces up to make a picture of your memory!

The board game of Cheese Mouses (Say cheese!) is a funny puzzle where you have to move the cheese blocks until all the mouses look up. And you need to do each of the 50 assignments for a certain number of moves.

From the camber to the gruire. The original distribution of the cheese blocks is indicated in the mission, and all the mouses must be wrapped up by their tails. It is also reported that for how many steps the mission can be resolved. The level of complexity of table-head game assignments is gradually changing - with a cheese class - from soft (simple) to sharp (small) A free place on the plate, with less and less. ♪ ♪

Mouse science. Shadow mouses will help young schoolchildren develop spatial imagination and logical thinking, and more complex levels pose a real challenge to puzzle sports. If we repeat the record of the game maker and roll the raw mouses for the minimum number of moves specified in the mission, we can see the solution (or part) at the end of the booklet.

Look at our short video-review of Cheese Mouses.

Appetitive math. A stunning idea and a high quality of implementation of the components make a desk-to-pocket head-to-head game. But be careful, you can suddenly catch yourself in an obsessed desire to produce one of the pieces of cheese that looks so good.=)

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