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Cat Games On Ipad

Friskies — игры для кошек на iPad [Update]Present iPadApple managed to market a device that could use everything. Medics. Teacher. Businessmen. Artists. Little kids. Housewives. Even cats.

Thanks to the television ad, it's hard to find someone who doesn't know cat food. Friskies♪ Fantasers from Nestle The company that owns this trademark decided to have a fun experiment. They release three free web applications whose target audience... right, cats. If you're the lucky owner of this rascal creature, and you also have an iPad or Android planner, you're lucky. Or bad luck, you'll understand why.

All three applications are very similar. In each of them, something moves on the screen: fish, fodder or colorful figures. It was so special to attract the attention of the animal. Starting one of the applications, putting the device on the floor near the cat, and...

...see how oleofic coating is destroyed by the claws of the beloved beast! It is clear that not everyone will be ready to test iPad. You don't have to drag an animal for long, either.

Update: The authors received a mixture of iPad ' s " waste " Your cat. Tabby. We meet the author ' s video from the All Volod ‘FrogZard’ Thoropov:

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