Кот экзот (фото): игрушечный кот с густой шерстью - Kot-Pes

Cat As A Pond Toy

Animal toys, manual work. Masters' fair is manual work. Buy Cot the breed oriental. Interpreter vault toy. Handmade.

Almost a century, since 1888, Oriental cats have lived on their own. And only in 1950, they were brought to the attention of the English sewers. Since then, the breeding started, which was called the brown east cat at the beginning, and a little later, the "Gavanian" because its colour was like Cuban cigar.
The Oriental gives the impression of a very fine and flexible animal, but with that, his body is muscular and has a great physical form. In fact, the body of the eastern beauty resembles the shape of the pipe, it's stiff and long. My stomach's tight, my hands are small. It's thin and long.
(from species description)
The wool game is taken from a picture of a cat of oriental breed. It's a beautiful gift for cat lovers. Collect toy.
Cotic price for 5,000 rub.

Care recommendations: dry cleaning


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