Friskies — игры для кошек на iPad [Update]

Cat Games Ipad

If many ordinary users have taken the iPad cool, the cats have been treated with a new device from Stevie Jobs more favourably and with pleasure. They even started writing games.

And they don't forget the cats, they also have many different games and programmes that remind them of their furious favorites.

Talking Tom Cat

Speaking cat - The first program I put on my iPad. It's a fun app to raise the mood. If he's smoothed, he's pretty urinating. If you slap your nose or your lapel, he'll get hurt. Don't do that. There are also a few buttons on the side of a different animation: feed a cat with milk (this saint), ask a cat to scratch a screen (beet sight). A few more animations. But the funniest thing is to talk to him. Just tell him something. Having heard the owner's voice, the cat will put a foot in the ear to figure out better what you're talking about and then repeat your words with a funny voice. He's just making fun of you! I recommend all children, girls, and cats.

You can also record videos and send on Youtube and Facebook. You can look for these Youtube videos on your own - they're in there.

Game for Cats - entertain your pet.

The interesting app from App Store is to help your pet to join the iPad company. It's a funny app that really likes cats.

There are two ways to play:

(1) To catch a laser, a virtual version of so-called cats running a red point from the laser point, prepare to take the iPad away from the pizza.

(2) To catch a mouse - your pet will have to show all its speed and reaction to catch a shining mouse on the screen.

You can get it. Just put the shield on the screen, if not enough.


The Friskies trade mark produced three as an advertisement. Cat gameswhich they can play with iPad.

See how cats play games under names. Cat FishingTasty Treasures Hunt and Party Mix-Up, available on a dedicated website. Players were based on cat instincts to hunt small moving objects.