Чем кормить кошку: шпаргалка для заводчика

To Feed A Cat

Housewives sometimes rely blindly on advertising, which assures that feed contains all the food necessary for the life and health of the ingenitent cats. But it's not a secret that producers often save. Instead of dry feed meat, there's a bone flour, instead of micronutrients, conservatives, and the salts make the food taste better... But it's not good for an animal.

Dry feed is often the only source of food for a domestic beloved. It is therefore very important to understand whether the feed is truly complete and balanced.

The Consumers ' Union Ros Control tested nine full cat feed samples of eight popular Royal Canin, Whiskas, Happy Cat, KiteKat, Darling, Eukanuba, Brit Care and Hill`s (Science Plan and Natures Best). What a dry one. cat feed Is it safe and good?
Five samples from the examination received expert comments and one of the feeds was placed on the Black List!