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To Feed A Kitten

Planned (industrial) feed

The feeding of ready food is more convenient, as it saves time for cooking, it is balanced and the cat receives all necessary nutrients.

You can feed dry and canned food.

There is also a difference between dry feeds. Experienced " schoolchildren " do not categorically recommend the purchase of cheap, refrigerated dry feeds because they are made of dubious quality products and often cause severe kidney and liver diseases. Choose the feed of the so-called Hills (Hils), Nutro Choice (Nutro Chays), Iams (Yams), Royal Canin (Royal Canin), Eagle Pack (Igle Park), Nutra Gold (Nutra Gold), Purina Pro Plan (Purina Pro Plan) in special stores. They're more expensive, of course, but the health of your pet is worth it, don't save your food! Good feeds usually include the Premium or the Superpremium.

In every line of feed, there's food specifically for cats. Diets such as diets are well known throughout the world. Eukanuba Puppy Junior Small Breed, Hill's Science Plan Puppy ' Kitten, Royal Canin Size Nutrition Mini Junior and a lot of others to any taste and wallet.

Cheap food like Kit Kat, Katinka, give NELZ! The same applies to extensively decorated feeds such as Viscas, Friscas, etc. They are of poor quality, contain too many mineral salts, they use bones, skins, feathers as protein. Their use causes various illnesses and does not meet cat needs. There is also a great risk of developing a babysitter.

From canned food, good feed of dry feed producers recommended above and Gourmet (Gurm).

The kitten is up to eight to ten months, sometimes up to one year, feeding special cat food, both dry and canned. It's very important for the right development. Then they're transferring to adult feed. The cat food is also given to pregnant and nursing cats. When feeding Dry cat feed The package must be marked on " prevention of pulmonary disease " (these feeds have a special formula with low ads, phosphorus and magnesium). It's not so important to cats, it's just quality food. Dry food can be poured all day, it's not ruined. Conservatives give as much as an animal can eat in one time. Recommend such diet (from the daily dose): 75 per cent of the dry feed of 25 per cent canned. Conservative consumption can be increased to 50 per cent of the daily diet (especially for exhibition cats).

The vitamins of Sanal, Jim Pat, Kitzim and others are provided with such feeding at lower doses and not at all times, but at courses (if necessary) rather than in the case of natural feeding (see veterinarian or sales counsel).

Natural food for kittens, cats and cats

If you want to teach a kitten to natural food, certain conditions must be met. The food must be varied. If you don't teach a kitten to a product when you're a kid, you don't think it's gonna be a grown-up. So offer different products to avoid turning a kitten into a crust and ensuring full food. Never feed an animal on the table-- human food for cats doesn't fit, it could be the strongest failure of a stomach, and also you risk raising a beggar if you always feed an animal out of your plate. Don't do anything digging, salty or spicy, pity the animal! No bones, especially chickens. Such bones, when passing through a digestive tract, can severely damage internal organs. Remember, cats need weed to bury the woven hair effectively. Get the weed in the flower pots or buy a pet grown in the pet store. The kitten must have its own dishes, its permanent place for the trape and its diet. And don't forget vitamins and mineral additives. If you feed an animal with natural products, you don't need additives.

First, put meat in the cat food basket. It could be a beef. Remove the pork is too fat, especially for the little ones, and it can also contaminate a kitten with gelmints. Fish, as strange as it may be, don't get involved - let's fish seafood once a week in small proportions. Meat can be produced both in vain and in raw form, at first time, better in a small cut or a leak.

Dairy products are the sweetest food for a kitten. However, some soft stomachs do not carry milk. Whole milk can be replaced by simplic, kefier and other acid milk products. A great product for a growing body is a creativity. A small kite can be given a mixture of creativity with milk and yellow, a very useful and nutritious Gogol-Mogol that has great pleasure. Also, don't forget to spoil your little furlough with a little smear and cheese.

Eggs are happy to eat almost all the cats. It's a real delicacy for them. Put the eggs on the menu a couple of times a week, they're a great influence on the hair. You can give it in cheese or tag. Little cats offer a mixture of milk and yellow.

Products of vegetation origin - crups and vegetables are also needed for full development. It's best to make pots. For a young woman, on milk, for a growing cat, on water or a bull. Crups can be used differently, beans and hercules should be avoided. The beans are badly digested and provocate abdomen, and the hercules are too saturated by the coals and can lead to obesity. Bulon carcasses are usually filled with rubber vegetables and meat.

Remember that the kitten should have permanent access to water. When feeding dry feed, water consumption increases by about 4 times. The water must be clean, fresh, change the water every day and vaporize the water tank.



Frequency of use


Bovine's cheese refrozen - (for a kitten not less than 30 grams, mature - 100-120 grams).

Every day


Boneless chicken

3-4 times a week


Subproducts are chicken or beef (stern, lungs, biscuits, kidneys) in cheese (frozen) or vein.

2-3 times a week. The liver is the first time.


Fish are weldless, boneless, preferably sea fish (not often because fish destroy vitamin B in cats). You can't make a fish, it's glitter.

Cats 1-2 times a week, cats 1 times in the sky or less.


Egg yellow (white to be given) raw or pure, or can be wiped with milk, kefier, added to the pot.

1-2 times in the sky.


The milk is fresh raw or boiled (only cats up to 3 ms, since milk in an adult cat is not absorbed and causes stomach disorder and the kitten is necessary). A little copper may be added. Pregnant and feeding cats are also given.

It's possible every day, if there's a stomach disorder, to switch to acid milk products.


Dairy carcasses liquid (boths under 3 ms): oil, rice, oatmeal. Without sugar, you can have a little honey.

Every day.


Oxygen products: kefir, calf, yogurt, cream, all mean fat and cheese.

You can do it every day. Cheese one time.


The carcass is fresh, it can be mixed with the estimate or raw egg yellow (possibly a little copper).

Cotata is three to four times in the world. Adult cats, 1-2 times in the world.


Evils: Oat cereal (paralled), rice, walnut, wheat (weld) are mixed in a proportion of 1:2 (mouth: meat) with wheat meat or walnut fish.

A few times a week


Vegetables are either raw or wet (in the form of peas): carrots, colour cables, green beans, etc. - mixed in a proportion of 1:2 (sheet : meat) with wet meat or wet fish.

A few times a week.


The green is salad, the spinach is glued and added to the food. It's better to have wheat grains or to raise grass on the underground (from wheat or oats). Get off the street!

Add to food a few times a week if there's a cultivated weed, the cat will eat it.


Dry beer breezes (produced in pharmacies, the dosage has to be calculated on the basis of the weight of the kitten/box)


Spray oil in the amount of half the tea spoon (for a kitten a few drops) is added to the food to improve the bowel.

A day.


Miner-vitamine feeds (e.g. Sunal vitamins, Jim Pet, Kitzim et al.).

Every day, the dosage is from the age of the kitten.


Fresh water purified through filter or boiled

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