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To Feed 3 Months

Чем кормить котят в 3-4 месяцаAt the age of 3-4 months, the growth of kittens is increasing and gaining turnover. Dental shifts, intensive development and skeleton strengthening, mouse masses are growing, with significant changes in the system. So the question, I don't know how to feed a kitten. 3-4 months, quite relevant. For the right development, he will need to obtain a balanced meal containing the necessary vitamins and micronutrients.

At this age, a small pashystick is beginning to be actively interested in the environment of his environment and is playing with all possible objects. Of course, the baby needs a lot of power and energy for these classes. Changes and rapid growth also require enormous resources. Where do I get them? The answer is obvious - the necessary substances to support the life of a kitten can be obtained from food. The way forward in the feeding system will depend on its further development and health.

Feeding features and rules

In feeding a kitten at the age of 3-4 months, a number of important points need to be taken into account:

  • The smaller and more active the kits, the greater the feeding frequency shall be;
  • The malnourished petite will be slower and more frequent, constantly resettled, obesity and other diseases;
  • Determine the selection of the feed for the home-borne: natural food or ready-to-be feed;
  • Introduce new products gradually, not offering every single time and feeding different foods (the kitten is gradually used to a certain diet);
  • You can't put all the time in the bowl: the baby has not yet learned how to control his appetite and can eat, and then there's nothing to support his growth and the game.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature of the food supplied to him: the food must be warm;
  • Don't forget to add minerals and vitamins to food;
  • The kitten must have a separate mechanic for warm potable water (the pit needs to be changed frequently so that it is not caught and the oxidation melted carefully; the pet must have unrestricted access to water).