Породы кошек черного окраса фото

Broken Colours

The ancestors of black cats have Finnish origin. The black cat in Egypt was considered a temple animal. Thanks to her colour, which is almost invisible in the dark, she has successfully hunted rodents, had no shortage of food, so she was extremely fervent.

In the mid-century, the black cat population has grown considerably and has become subject to persecution. The invisible night, silently moving, with burning eyes, she became associated with uncleaved force. Women holding black cats in the house were declared witches and, together with their black pets, burned on a stake.

But if there was one white hair on the black cat, it was a death salvation. So the black white cats won their numbers purely black. Nature took care of black cats by giving them white gloves, nails and other white spots.

The black cat has always been special among cats of other colours. It was valued (as an undetected night hunter) and harassed (difficulties to dark forces) and even used as a means of disease. And now there has been a ambiguous attitude towards black cats among ordinary people.

Of course, they're only accepted by felinologists, for which black is the basic colour.

Cats with black hair meet in all kinds. Classic - black cat The bomber has a black atlas hair, brilliant like the Indian panther. Exited by crossing, short, easy to leave. The black colour is also found in short and long-seater British which have a distinct depth and barhatism. Persian cats have furious black furries and they're blurted at different lengths of wool and panchets.

Why are cats born of black colour?

Every genetic in a living organism is responsible for a particular sign. Consequently, there is a gene in the cat system responsible for the colour of her hair. This gene is in chromosome and can take different forms. Different forms of one gene lead to different wool colours, so the cat may be gray, red, black...

Practically any cell contains two chromosomes, one from mom, one from dad. Both chromosoms may contain genes that are responsible for one colour, and then the cat will be one colour.

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