Семь советов тем, кто подобрал котенка

To Feed The Kitten

Продукты, нежелательные к употреблению для котенкаSince the old cartoons, a lot of people have come to think that all that respectful cat needs is milk and factory sausages. But in fact, not everything is so simple: in order to be healthy, an animal needs to be properly eaten, balanced. And especially for these babies, a little kitten may be seriously affected by an incorrect diet. Because before bringing home a small flushing liver, the rules for his care and, in particular, the necessary nutritional status should be made clear.

First of all, we need to figure out what we can't feed the kittens. Classification of such products is as follows: undesirable, dangerous and extremely dangerous.

Products not desirable for consumption

Опасные продукты для котенка

These products cannot themselves be labelled harmful, but long-term consumption may have negative effects.

  1. Animals and birds. Too often, its use may cause vitamins A and D to be overdose, but it can be added to food at times and at times.
  2. Dry feed. Again, the quality of the food itself is not harmless, and it is also convenient to feed during travel, but in the home, it is better to combine them with the food-conservers. For example, the feed from Viscas is very undesirable even outside the house, although convenient. Details why not feed kitten Viskas
  3. Kashi, beans and potatoes. From the point of view of the nutrients of crups, peas, beans and potatoes, it is completely useless, and the same food may cause disturbance.
  4. Fish. Abuse may cause masculine disease. The cattham, who barely lasted a month, doesn't make any better.

Cat dangerous products

Food in this category may cause serious harm to the animal, so it is not categorically recommended to feed it.

  1. Copies, sharp and fat food. Utilization is liable to inflammation of the stomach and digest, a violation of the intestinal flora.
  2. Cheese meat. The meals of meat that have not undergone thermo-processing threaten a kitten with glitter.
  3. Species, salt.