Чем кормить для набора веса

Cotton Two Months To Feed

чем кормить котенкаWhen a kitten comes into the house, what do you need to feed it?

It's the most important thing to know right now that you can't feed a cat of food you eat! Her digestive system has its characteristics. Cats cannot be cattle: salty, hot, hot, spicy, sweet. This threatens to disrupt the work of the internal organs. Natural cats are particularly vulnerable, including British cats.

British catering at any age must be balanced. There are two options: either ready feed or natural food.

еда для котятThe first option is if you don't have much time to cook a kitten. And if you want to spoil your pet with a variety of food, your choice is a natural food. In this case, it is essential that this is the right meal, which includes all necessary for the growth and development of a kitten.

Natural food

The cats of British people are hydrated until they're small. This is necessary to ensure that there is no pressure on the internal organs and the kittens are healthy and vigorous. So what do you want to feed a British kitten?

The main product should be meat and bird (tour, turkey).

It's better not to take fat beef out of meat assort. Meat requires mandatory temperature treatment, so send it off or evaporate it. Before the evaporation, slice it into pieces not bigger than 2 centimeters and stack it a few times.корм для котят This treatment is necessary to protect against gelmint contamination.

The chicken must also be given in welded and skinless form, since it is badly absorbed by a cat organism. You'll have to separate all the bones and cut the little pieces. It'll make it easier for an animal to eat, and it'll be clean by the bowl. The meat may be added to the meat: rice, Greek, well-balanced in 2/1.

The meat of Scottish cottages and British must also include acid-mild products: creativity (dried or low fat), estimate (100 per cent), non-fish kefier, yogurt without fruit additives and cream (10 per cent).пища для котят These products will taste your pet and be useful for his health.

You can do that. Cat diet I want you to turn your balls on.

Switch the ear yellow with meat or crups, or let's separate. Let's get some cheese eggs, they're preferable. The best option is to break a refrigerated egg into a sliced chicken. It is rich in vitamins and minerals with the necessary kitten. It will improve his digging.

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