Чем кормить невскую маскарадную кошку: меню кота и котенка

To Feed A Two-Month Kitten

Как кормить котенка

To feed the kitten?

How can I feed a kitten?

Let's say you brought a kitten home.Чем кормить кошку или кота What is it necessary for him to grow up in a beautiful, healthy and energetic cat or cat over time? First of all, it is a balanced diet that depends on the growth and development of the pet. Incorrect feeding leads to stunting, weight, body defects, internal illnesses and even death, so the quality of food needs to be taken seriously. By the way, it's completely inappropriate to choose and equip a suitable place for a cat toilet. How to do this right, our article, "How to get a kitten to a tray."

As cats are animal dams, the diet must consist of most animal products. It doesn't mean you only need meat. The food must be balanced because for the full development of the kittens, both proteins and carbon fats and vitamins and micronutrients must be obtained.

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