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To Feed An Adult Cat

Тигриный монастырьA tiger monastery based in 1994 is located in Kanchanaburi province in western Thailand. In the view of environmental organizations and tourists themselves, the tiger monastery is very far from the ideal of large stripe cats. Let's see.

Most of the time stripped cats They're in cages. And it's sad that, in nature, the male tigers walk around 100 square kilometres.

They're Indian tigers, they're smaller than Bengali and much less Amur forgers. The indo-Chinese tiger male reaches a length of 2.55 to 2.85 m, has a body mass of 150 to 195 kg (although more than 250 kg are available).

Tourism and tiger in Tigerin monastery, Thailand, 16 March 2016.

In the morning tiger monastery program, visitors are given a few food bags that need to be given to these monks. It's a ritual and everything must be respected. It's like, it's like two sheds, one of the visitors, and it's behind tables with a package of different foods, and the other shed is nuns. They walk past you, they take something, and they refuse something.Тигриный монастырь This morning's ritual is happening in the Tigerin temple every morning.

Once a day, the tigers on the leash are taken to the nearest canyon.

To the visitors of the Tiger Monastery in Thailand, there are several programmes of different value that provide for feeding and tigering of children, bathing and feeding teenage tigers, and playing with adult cats. Thailand, 16 March 2016.


Tigers here feed a roast chicken and dry cat food. According to the official Monastery site, dry cat food is provided to tigers to obtain the necessary nutrients, such as taurin, which is lost in a rotary chicken.

Cats on chains.

The tourists sign a paper before entering the Teager Temple, which will not have a claim if they are bitten by tigers.

Entering the Tiger Monastery, Thailand, 16 March 2016.

According to environmental activists, the temple simply uses rare cats to attract attention and donations. For example, tiger selfie will cost you $180. This is even more than the average wage in the province. There is, however, no evidence as to whether the funds collected for the maintenance of tigers or the convent. In fact, the animals have not been documented and their disappearances, allegedly for sale, have been recorded. So, zoo protectors have long struggled with the temple and called for a boycottage visit to the monastery, to tell friends about the subsoil and to leave bad comments in Tripadweiser.

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