Порода домашних кошек, похожая на рысь, c кисточками на ушах

Cot Of Porridge

Кошка похожая на рысьGive me the article:

The breed of cats is carakal or other stubborn diaper is a predatory mammalian cat family. The name of this wild cat comes from the tour. The carakalac, which in translation into Russian means a black ear because the rear side of the ears of these cats is black. For a very long time, he was woven because of his external performance, but after a number of studies it was decided to separate him. But whatever it is, the caracle still seems a lot more like a spray than any cat family.

Looking at the outside view of the caracle, it can really be confused with the rust, but the smaller size, stringency and one-ton colours are giving caracle.

  • The length of his body is 65-82 cm, tail 25-30 cm, altitude of about 45 cm, mass of 11-19 kg.
  • Your ears can look at their own ears, up to 5 cm long.
  • To facilitate sand movement, there's a hard hair brush on the laps.
  • It's short and dense.
  • The Ukrainians are very similar to the North American Puma, most often sandy, red brown, low white, seaside, black stain.
  • The outside side of the ears and bones have a black colour. It's very rare to meet black caracle melanists.

Where there's a caracle

Воспитание каракалаCaracals are being carried out in deserts, savannahs and mountains of Africa, the deserts of the Arabian peninsula, the small and medium-sized Asia. The LPG area is much less common: in the deserts of South Turkmen, on the coast of the Caspian Sea, and in the east, it sometimes appears in the Buchar region of Uzbekistan.

Caracal Hunt

The caracle hunting takes place at night, in winter and spring, and comes in the day. As a cover, they use the nora of fox and dicatures and rocks. Females occupy much smaller territory than males. Even though the caracle has long legs, it can't run long distances, so he's hunting so slowly sneaking to prey, and at the right moment big (up to 4.5 m long) jumps it. He has an incredibly powerful reaction and sharp as a knife with claws capable of grabbing a couple-three birds from an airplane.

But the main caracall lacquer is the grizzunas. There are young straws, leathers, predatory small-sized animals. Caracal, like a leopard, is stunting his production on the top of the trees to hide it from other predators.

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