Мать кормление котят кошек — Стоковое фото © ita #39303505


I'm looking for a TFG videographer. Moscow.
I'm looking for a photographer's video to film the baxtridge.
The idea is the lazy morning of a young lover, and five cats are involved in the film.
Scenario: bed-to-bed, bed breakfast, hugs in the studio interface, Cat food milk and kisses.
History is color-contained, the wardrobe's picked, the image of a girl's stylist, the model is beautiful, pros.
The videographer needs a backboxage, but he'll be able to construct any history, as well as photos of a couple of photographers.
ATTENTION! Where and when the survey is conducted.
I will carry out a survey on 20 April, from 10 to 13, on the loft in Balashhia (10 km from the CAD, with a track of 30 minutes from the Scheelkovski subway).
Please, only those who may not fail, only in the LC. You're referring to the Portfolio, I'm referring to models, scenarios, palettes, etc.

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