Как узнать породу кошки?

How To Know The Nature Of Your Cat

КотенокSo you've become a happy owner of a kitten or a cat without documents. The cat ' s ownership of a species is determined by a set of certain exterrier characteristics, behavioural characteristics and characteristic parameters. The birthplace, issued by the felinological club, confirms that the animal belongs to a particular species and is in conformity with the standard specified in the birth. If you've become the owner of a kitten similar to one species of kittens, you can assume he's a natural parent and even name a species with a certain precision. However, without a birth club, the cat is still a non-natural animal and will not be able to participate in exhibitions and be a producer. pedigs


1. Cats with certain characteristics or properties inherent in one of the registered species, which is recognized by a felinological organization, are considered to be natural. By acquiring a kitten in a certified pet, you can be sure of your pet origin. The foetus of the kitten, the names of the three generations of its ancestors and the colours of the animal are indicated in the ancestral form.

2. If there is no birth, the cat is considered unnatural, even if its colour suggests that she has birth parents. Comparing your cat's exterier with typical rocks can be seen in cat atlas (this atlas is in book stores and on our website).

3. If you picked up a kitten on the street or took it undocumented or, uh, take your time defining the breed. There are certain features of colour only in adult animals. For example, white cats often have dark stains on their head in childhood, which subsequently disappear.

4. Take a picture of your ears, tails and cat paws as a big plan and ask the experts. These parts of the cat exterrier will help experts to define the species more accurately.

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