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How Do You Know What Kind Of Cat

Как определить породу кошкиVirtually 100% probability of a veterinary doctor or factory can determine the breed of cats, but what is the simplicity of the owner who picked up on the street/built furiously created the breed of the verb terrier, but does the veritable blood flow into the pet?

It turns out there are many indirect and direct signs that help at least partially determine the breeding of people who are completely unaware of such things.

Distributed signs pointing to a species provide an opportunity for the manufacturer to determine whether a pimp is a breeder or not. It is clear that the definition of breeds will still not give the animal the status of " natural " . The birthplace, that's her. define the speciesissued only by professional factories and directly by the club to which the porcine belongs. Non-natural animals cannot and will not be a producer of natural progeny cat or cat. But still...

In order to determine whether or not a natural cat is stored with all available characteristics and a special atlas, the species that is sold in stores specializing in the sale of animal books is available in veterinary clinics or is freely available on the Internet.

If you want to get skilled advice on the Internet, you're gonna have to take some pictures of the cat, with a clear picture of the face, laps, ears, tail. Don't forget to put a picture of the pizza in full.

What's a pond?

The species is defined as the classification of household cats, is defined by phenological organizations and clubs to which a certain breed is included, confirmed and defined by the standard.

You can only call a breeder who will be officially confirmed by the club.

If a domestic pet is acquired in a pit with all the necessary documents, it is not necessary to worry about the breed. Usually, the document provides all information on the animal, including the pond, lists the names of the last three generations of cat relatives, and also indicates the peculiarities of the cat.

The missing ancestral indicates the immorality of the documentary, but the real cat can be a breeder. In order to determine this sign, it is sufficient to compare the appearance of the animal with the images of cats in the atlas, where the characteristics of each species are visible.