Определить породу кошки по фото

How To Determine The Shape Of The Cat

Don't you think he's ugly?
His face is weird.

I want to know the breed of my cat, it's five to six months, and she's happy with the long and her tail, too, even though we didn't say anything about the breed.

My cat Loki, my husband found on the street, understands everything as a dog, doesn't like loneliness, speaks to him, speaks to him. It's just smart or frost? Tell me!

Please help me, this is the pond.

Is that a British or not?
A better picture isn't working, not a model.

Give me a present for your cat!
Pumpy socks!

Conditions of the competition:
1. To be a member of our group
2. To be a member of our friends
2. Make a reversal of this tape and a band of friends.
3. The competition will take place from 24.08 to 2.

P.S. Prizes will receive 3 participants who have fulfilled all the terms of the competition! The victors will be selected in an early fashion, so leave the comments with your number in it after!

Previous winner

Get 100 rubles on the phone! Fix the terms from 17.11 to 24.11! And 25.11, using the rand site, we'll pick a random winner who'll get his prize!

Sponsor: dining shop, bronze and porcelain

Every morning, I say to myself: " Let's go, beauty, we're going to have great business! " , but the inner voice whisperes what if they wait, they love, and if they love, they wait. .)

I believe the cats are the spirits on the ground. I think they can walk the cloud without failing.

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