Порода кошек без хвоста

Cats Without Tail

курильский бобтейлGive me the article:

This cat couldn't pull a tail on anyone else's tail, at least because the chicken beans had a tail, strictly speaking, no. So he doesn't have a tail in his cat understanding of the subject. And if the Kuril Bobteil was, for example, a rabbit, no one would accuse him of being outrageous. Because this round-the-circuit pampoo is made as if it were special for the bun, but it's attached to itself, no matter what the cat's ass is.

In the meantime, the tail is not necessary for balls or beauty. It's not for us to move on. Horse helps cats maintain balance. The word, the cat's tail is something like a rudder and a balancer that makes a cat give his body a direction, moving in the air so he can land on all four feet.

Here. Kuril Bobteil I have to go on my life without a tail. But nature never makes sense. So, in exchange for the lost tail, the boptail received long and strong back legs. That's what got a lot more in his face, but the cat's ability to balance and keep the balance. And by jumping, the wrinkle bonteil will give for most other tailed cats.

Bobteil's colors are completely different, except Siamese. Well, if the bobthyle's faded with a diaper, then he's just unbelievably swinging on a little racing, with his mighty short body planted on high-strong feet. And the back legs of the chicken are much longer than the front.

There's nothing to be done. Cat species No one worked but nature. There were no stubborn seducers, not in addition to sparking around the world with short tails. There were no factories that tolerated the indiscretion in the generations of cats. It was just a difficult life in the Kuril Islands. Because of these difficulties, the tail has gradually disappeared. Apparently, in the Middle Ages, sailors have forgotten or deliberately left several cats on the islands. It might have been Japanese horrors or the most real tailors. But in any case, these cats have had a very long time to enjoy society exclusively. In addition, the view is that, in places such as Kurila, the vast volcanoes and seismic activity, there are literally some mutagenic factor in the air. And this factor decided to get some local cats off the tail.

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