Виды кошек названия и фото

Cat Species With Photographs And Names

So you decided to start a cat. Congratulations, research shows that people with animals are happier, better and more balanced. Be prepared for a new relationship that will bring you years of love and communication.

The behaviour of cats, depending on the breed, is not as different as dogs, but despite that, every cat is individual. Ask those who already have cats. Ultimately, appearance and identity are usually decisive factors in choosing a particular animal.

Find out more about the different species of cats, then you can figure out what your future pet will be.

How to choose the perfect cat.

After you decided to take a cat, the next step is to find out which cat you want.

39 recognized Catsas well as many mixed ones.

Different species have special characteristics, appearance and needs. For example, peaches require regular wool care.

There are several factors that need to be considered in the decision-making process. The primary role in individual preferences is the age, size, shape, appearance and type of person.

A cat or a grown cat?

The cats, of course, are charming, but they require greater care. They need to be taught to the tray, and they can also be very demanding and energetic. It's worth considering their tiny sizes, especially if there are children or other animals in your house.

On the other hand, grown-up cats already have their habits and a well-established identity that has evolved with their last owner.

However, cats are easily adapted and most of them are quickly used to the new environment and people.

There's a lot of advantages in starting an adult cat:

Cotton - soft, easy to hurt or hurt. He's very active and disgraceful. He needs more time to study and feed. He doesn't understand the environment and can get into trouble.

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