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A Cat With A Sprayed Face

Персидская кошкаIn this article, dear readers, you will be given a long-awaited overview of the luxury breed of cats that can be bragged by the DLIN wool. Persian cat♪ Where were the ancestors of the peaches? How did they get such a whipped face? How many colors does this pond count to date? How do you care about that long hair?

Nature characteristics

Type of wool: long-seater
Country of originIran (Persia)

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Persian history Cat species

The Persian cat is one of the oldest rocks that formed a few centuries ago. To date, there is no clear information to tell us how and where this pond has come to light. There's only a few legends about the origin of these pussy beauties.Персидская кошка, старое фото According to one, their homeland is Western Asia, and the peaches themselves are descendants of a wild, gradual cat and a white Angora cat. As a result of this unusual union, the first ancestors of Persian species emerged. Their appearance was very different from their modern appearance. For the first time, they were taken to Europe by an Italian traveller, P. Della Valle, who purchased several long-sought cats in a province of Persia ( modern Iran) called Kharassan.

In Russia, Persian cats fell in the early 18th century. This can be judged by the gravel and various pictures of cats on the floors of that era. They're clearly marked by cats, remotely resembling peaches, but definitely great by our own Siberian or Russian blue species. Today, they can be seen in museums and old cards. On one legend, his luxury fluffy little peas got just after coming to Russian Siberia with her harsh, snow winters. This may have occurred either as a result of spontaneous mutation or as a result of intersections with local long-sought Aboriginal cats.

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