Игрушки для кошек

Cat Toys With Their Hands

Игрушки-для-кошек-из-бумаги_202_2(1).jpgIt's not necessary to go to the pet store every time. You have everything you need to give the cat a new game every day. Let's tell you how to make a toy for a piece of paper or a paperboard.

  • Clothing paper

It's just enough to leave a boxing paper on the floor so that your beloved lover's chasing her paws or shurls. Some people like to throw paper balls in the air and pick them up with their paws, lying on their back, and other vomiting on the cage.

  • Bunatic on the rope

And, of course, everyone remembers the ever-increasing toy for cats: a banquet from a charmo of paper on a rope. Such a toy can even make a little kid and make sure the cat likes it.

It's just enough to put on the floor a paper and see what interest the cat takes to a newspaper turn and sits there like a cabin, screams sheets or slides around them.

  • Carton box

To make this toy, a box of large and small will be the best fit, not exceeding 8 to 10 centimetres (e.g., some Internet stores deliver clothing in such boxes). Cut in the lid and boxes of this box 5-10 holes of different shape and size, not very large. Put some small toys inside. Like a rubber ball, a boxing ball, a thread lipstick and a bubble. Your cat's going to climb into a box of noodles, trying to get a stunning and grim extraction there!

  • Carton Labyrinth

To make this cat toy with his hands, the master will have to work a little bit.Игрушки-для-кошек-из-бумаги_202.jpg You'll need a few boxes, preferably of different sizes and shapes, paper and scissors. We need to make a labyrinth of a few boxes. Imagine how you'll connect them and cut the holes in the adjacent walls. After that, glue the boxes. Your beloved lady would love to move from one of the mazes to another.

The design for this toy is very similar to the previous one, but the game itself will require your active involvement. Take the box cover or the box without the bottom, it must not be very tall to make you comfortable. Cut the small round holes in the top of her to get your finger free. Now, the game begins: put your finger out of the box through the hole and, as soon as the cat tries to grab his foot, hide it back. I want your finger to appear in a different hole and a cat with surprise to catch it there. And so on.

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