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The Cat Photos Are Different

There was an international cat show in Habarovsk. The event was organized by the Doland Cat Amateur Club. The exhibition could have been attended by anyone who wishes to join his pet. Competitors were divided into several categories, so even an unnatural animal had the opportunity to undergo a grade evaluation.

Some 50 different species were represented on the exhibition site, including the non-Vehicular Mascarade, Main-kun, Ociket, Oriental and other unusual varieties of cats. Each porcine was coloured, size and distinct form of ear.

Today, we have a great variety of species, both rare and fashionable, and those that have already come out of fashion. We'll have one winner, but we'll get a lot of awards, five contestants will be given title. Decent animals without defects will be awarded pinkettes and special accessories, а was told by the head of the Doland Club, Ludmila Anatolevna Androstek.

More than 500 Habarovians of all ages came to visit the exhibition. Everyone was actively asking questions about the nuances of care and the origin of the breed, and the smallest visitors were telling amazing stories about cats.

As long as the guests stayed rotated by the fourth, the experts conducted an examination of the exhibition participants. Competitors were assessed on a range of parameters: head type, tail length, hair color, and sex checks were also performed by males.

I really liked it. cat Oriental, she looks a little unusual and funny, looks like a little drawing, but there's something human in her appearance. We've got a Scottish boiler at home, for our family, it's the sweetest cat in the world. She's always surprised, like something's happened, - one of the guests at the exhibition.

To underline the natural dignity, the owners stole the pets from various bright accessories. Bunatics, beads, collars, circus created an atmosphere of cat fashion.

Before the cat shows up, it's always necessary to brush out, to look beautiful, and the owner doesn't have to forget about his image, so that the pizza looks presently. In character, I prefer the British shortest, calm and serious, care for her progeny and find a good language with other cats, comment on one of Alon's masters.

The exhibition could also purchase toys, claws, housewives, caring facilities, special haircuts and, of course, the main trend of the year, multi-coloured soft claws.

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