Чем кормить котенка в 3-4 месяца: рацион питания, режим и

To Feed A Kitten For Four Months

It's usually a little slow, it starts a cat, avoiding. Cat foodand the kittens gradually increase the consumption of dense food. This stage occurs at the age of 3-4 weeks and is fully completed at 6-10 weeks. In 3-4 weeks, cats start to eat dense products, although approximately 95 per cent of their total caloric consumption is still provided with cat milk. In 5-6 weeks, kittens receive about 70 per cent of the total milk and 30 per cent of the total food. Most household short-short cats are taken from mothers aged 6 weeks, whereas purely-blooded cats better take about 7 to 9 weeks. More time is available to caters to grow and consume the immune system, which reduces their mortality during the post-primary period.

pielonefrit-14.JPGThe removal process may begin by phasing out cat feeding or by the factory itself, which can separate the cat from the cat. During the lifting, many cats gradually reduce feed consumption and milk production. Irrespectively, the energy needs of the cat will be reduced from lacation levels to levels with support after the end of the withdrawal.

Restriction of the cat ' s meals of rapidly separated cats and those producing many milk in one or two days before leaving reduces the amount of food and thus reduces the availability of energy for milk production, which minimizes the hypomy and the peripherality of dairy irons in the future, preventing the occurrence of mastitis.

Frequently used timelines include: kittens and food are limited from cats one day to removal. The kittens return to their mothers at the end of the day and are allowed before the feeding. The next day, the kittens are removed and the cat is given only 1⁄4 of its daily ration. Quantities of food increase gradually over the next three days to levels used before exploration.

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