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To Feed A Cat After Sterilization

This article makes recommendations for caring for cats after a standard operation.

Our Centre offers a unique and promising methodology for cat sterilization, after which animal rehabilitation is minimized.

If you have any reason to take your cat home and take care of it on your own, you will have to comply with certain recommendations. When you drive a cat to sterilization in a clinic, stitch to the bottom of a towel or a rag, the warmer the better. After the operation, the body temperature may fall a little bit, so the cat will have to be wrapped in something warm.

You'll have to watch it get away from the drug house for the first 24 hours. Put something warm on the floor and put a cat on the pod. Please note that there should be no cross-section in the room. Don't put a pet on the surface (e.g. a chair or a couch): out of the drug, an animal can suddenly jump on the laps and run and fall on the floor from the height.

Cat movements coming out of the drug are not coordinated. She can get up, take a few steps and fall again, maybe stumble into the corner and move noodles. An animal isn't adequate yet. Just take it carefully and put it back on the basement. Get the hot and sharp objects off the floor, notice that there must be no string or wire in which the cat can be confused. Remember, she's practically asleep and completely helpless. It is desirable that cat after sterilization lay on the right side (and in some cases not on the left, so there would be no additional heart burden after surgery).