Котята 2 месяца уход питание

How To Feed A Kitten Properly For Two Months

59430385 (660x345, 39Kb)At the bank, I paid for the premont.
I was waiting for my turn. First, the old man went to the window, his numbers on the plate were burned. He went on a stick. Very slowly. And coughing hard, everything turned out, even though it was shutting down. He's got his savings, and the girl says, "No revenue!
The old man was a delicate voice, coughing, asking for a better look.
Because he's been retiring a long time. It's been a while since the money's over. So it's been a month since the money's over, right? The girl was polite to him that he recently received a pension. Here's the mark, see? And the old lady had a very sad and lost face. He was smart, I guess the girl was telling the truth. But the thin voice said, why did the money end? And his arm was trembling with some papers. Passport or something... Of course, I started smashing in a bag, in a pocket where the money was up, but a young man was ahead of me in such a black "meningitiske" hat, blindfolded. He took the old man under the elbow, took the side and threw the bills. And he said, "hey, Grandpa. On!

The old man had something to do with his pension. Once the money's over, you have to give! And the guy said it was a pension. And the guy's fingers are blue. And actually, it's Slave from the first floor, from a wooden house where I lived in youth. And he recognized me. Hello, Aunt Ana! It's been a hundred years, and I've been released again, everything has been filmed, shaved and washed... I'm glad to see you! And I'm glad. And the old lady also gave a little pension. I've been given a lot more than that. Lucky in the mail. And the old man put the money in his wallet scary, and he was hanging his head and saying it was right. Once the money's over, we have to retir. It's always been. And I went on a stick. And I kissed Slaveca, and I knew his baby and I fed his soup. And I went too without paying for the premiere, I completely forgot to pay. And there was spring on the street. Dirty, cold, scary, but still spring. Like a man's soul...

Anna Kirjanova

The seller of one small shopkeeper attached the announcement of the sale of kits at the entrance. This inscription attracted the attention of the children, and in minutes the boy entered the store. When he greeted the seller, he asked about the price of the kittens.

♪ From 30 to 50 roubles, the seller responded. After breathing, the kid went into his pocket, grabbed his wallet and started counting the little things. - I only have two rubles now, he's sad. - Please, can I at least look at them - he asked the seller with hope. The seller smiled and threw the cats out of the big box. Turning up on their will, they're pretty stumbling and running.

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