кормить котенка и как правильно?

How Often To Feed A Kitten

Canadian Sphinx needs a lot of energy, and therefore more than most cats, the amount of food. The appetite of these cats is stunned, they're ready to eat almost everything and in unlimited quantities, totally unsupervised and imperfect. The Canadian Sphinxes are going fast, grabbing some food and wrapping it up, barely eating. On the one hand, it's a good thing to feed the Canadian Sphinx isn't hard, but remember that not all the products that are ready to eat your Sphinx is useful to him, and that's how you're supposed to find the most appropriate diet for your sfinks, we're going to give you some guidance on feeding the Canadian Sphinx, but the choice always stays for you!
The following factors should guide the choice of fodder:
• Gender
physiological condition: pregnancy, lascation, castration
Health status
Feed Canadian Sphinxes both ready-to-charge feeds (dry and canned) and natural and mixed.

I'd like to start with something that's not just Shinx, but any other cat, under no pretext whatsoever!

- No!
1. The bones of the chickens, the fish of the Kotenok or the cat may be squeezed, and the bones are damaged by the food and stomach, and the intestines are damaged.
2. Swinina, lamb. Bullet meat (except chicken): goose, duck, turkey. In crude form, lead to glit infections, in some cases dangerous infectious diseases, which cause animal death. This meat is very fat and badly absorbed by the cat.
3. Fat, sharp, salty, dusty products, like sausages and canned for people. Harvesting products. There's a disturbance of the stomach-kisser tract, a violation of the substance exchange. As a result, animals look bad, chronic illnesses emerge.
4. Sugar, chocolate, candy, cakes and all sweet. Breaks the exchange of substances, weak immunity, shredded hair, teeth. SOCOLAD contains theobromine that for cats, the YAD, causes severe poisoning, animal death.
5. Chrymal's potato doesn't recharacterize the cat's bowel, potato is totally useless, can cause a disorder.
6. Bob (sea, peas, beans) It's not like an organism, it's a whirl and a bowel.
7. The salt in small bells only, the cat spices don't salt or use specialties, because it doesn't make her good, just harm.
8. Medicines, etc. vitamins for humans. Cats have their special balance in organisms, they don't have vitamins for people. Besides, many people's medications cause strong poisoning, cats refuse kidneys, which results in death. (If there is a need for humans, only your master's recommended vet and under his strict control and guidance)!