пушистая порода кошек

The Most Furious Pond Of Cats


The rich wool of the cat is a card, a decoration, and with proper care and an excitement. Of course, with a long hair, there's also an increase in the number of nuances to care for domestic pets, but for real amateurs, it's not an obstacle. Specially for those who like to short their evenings by brushing their beloved man's coat, we decided to list all the furious cat species.

Pay attention! Pearl cats are commonly understood as animals with long hair and smaller, half-length cats, but a " chubby " .

Your only choice criterion is the length of the wool? In that case, your hands are tied, because among metis and unnatural animals, the mass of very beautiful cats, which sometimes live on the street and need care. The situation will be a little more complicated if you're only committed to pure animals and want to get a pet with a certain character.

Do you think, How many cats exist? If you collect all the open data, the figure goes to 700! But the truth is very far. The breeding animal has documents! The birth and subway, i.e. the official documents confirming its origin and the conformity of the exterrier with the birth standard. Each breeding cat is registered at the club and a club in one of the felinological organizations. That's where the fun starts. There are hundreds of international organizations and only three authoritative head clubs in the world:

  • World FIFe, International Federation of Cats, recognizes 42 species.
  • European WCF - World Cat Federation - recognizes 70 species.
  • American CFA - Cat Amateurs Association - recognizes 40 species.

It must be understood that the above data are flexible enough, the chance to recognize the new species exists every day, and recognized species are also duplicated in the registers. So, from 700, we've come to 100 to 110 species officially recognized in the world and eligible to participate in exhibitions. In addition to these species, there are a number of mixed/experimental groups - mestizos, hybrids, etc. Premarital work on new breeding is carried out only with the permission of parent clubs and is closely monitored. I mean, if you're offered to buy a half-perse and a half-engor, it's not a new breed, and it's not a frost at all. Cat. ♪ ♪