кормить кошку

The Best Thing To Feed A Cat

It's very important to feed your old cat properly, appropriate to her needs and within certain time periods, but it may not be so simple - the food needs of cats are very different. The recommendations on the daily feeding standard are just a starting point. For the health of your pet, it is essential to regularly monitor his physical condition and adjust daily feed consumption as necessary.

Simple advice from Hills will help you preserve your cat's health:

  • Pick up your cat.
  • Start feeding it according to the packing recommendations and your veterinary doctor's advice.
  • Assess the physical condition of the animal using the online physical assessment scale every 2 to 3 weeks during the first six months.
  • Adjust the amount of feeding your pet food according to the result.

Change to new diet

If you decided to transfer your cat to the Hill'sTM Science PlanTM Feline Mature Adult Active LongevityTM, it must be done gradually within seven days. Smash the old feed with the new, constantly increasing the share of the latter until the full transition to Science PlanTM. Then your pet will be able to fully enjoy the taste and advantages of the excellent food that provides the Science PlanTM Feline Mature Adult Active LongevityTM.

You and your veterinary doctor.

Your veterinary doctor is the best source of information. Health and the well-being of your pet. Ask him to regularly monitor the weight of your cat, since achieving and maintaining optimum weight not only reduces the risk of certain diseases, but also provides a long, healthy and energetic life for your pet.

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