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Play Cats

Go get the cat is a great game to test your ability to deal with non-standard challenges, and a good opportunity to learn your skills to find creative solutions. This online flush play has been developed by the famous Japanese designer Gamedesign Laboratory (gamedesign.jp) and has the original name Chat Noir.

Try catching a black cat to train your intellectual and creative skills. The rules of this game, as well as recommendations on how to win it below.

Rules. The "Chat Noir" game suggests you catch a black cat surrounded by his mugs. One mug you close, one step makes a cat. If the cat runs abroad, he wins if he doesn't, and he has nowhere else to move, you win.

  • Cat: To escape from the field, moving only in yellow-green (salath) circles.
  • Your purpose is: Make sure the cat fails.

For the first time. playing games. Go get the cat and you don't have the experience of a cross-sectional contest, cross-sections and stuff like that, but rather you're going to experience some difficulties with this game cat hunt. Indeed, catching a cat is difficult and not just for newcomers. For starters, try to use your creative thinking and intelligence and find your own strategy of catching a black cat. If you have not succeeded in doing so, you may apply the rules and recommendations further.

How to catch a cat

Naturally, there is no 100 per cent method. win this game.♪ However, following some recommendations, the probability of defeating the escaped black cat can be significantly increased.

First of all, don't try to put your points fast, trying to really chase the cat. The desire to win this case is against you. Think about every further step, you might say try to think like a cat. Think where he might go.

And there's one thing. The game is designed so that, in most cases, the cat is looking for the shortest way toward the edge. So you can be sure that a cat in two free circles from the edge will not turn back.

Second, think ahead and close the field in two or three black cats. If you put the barrier right next to the cat, it'll move parallel to the barrier right to the edge, where it'll just be impossible to catch. Expand your focus and keep looking at the game field.