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Interactive Cat Toy

игрушка для кошек

PetSafe Frolicat CHEESE(s) An interactive cat toy

The FroliCat Cheese Automatic Toy is an interesting and funny toy that undermines the hunting instincts of small tigers. It's not just a cat's game, it's also a smiling at housewives, because it's a big piece of cheese with yellow mouses inside, which only shows the nose.
There's a charge-saving regime that turns off the toy in 10 minutes. This in turn also retains the interest of the cat in the game.
On your job, you can programme a toy on spontaneous mouse movements, which allows for a day to entertain the pets and distract from the master's sadness.
The FroliCat Cheese game works silently from 3 AA batteries. Safe toys don't have foreign smells and taste. Plastic just wipe the saliva with a wet lip.

frolicatchatterMaterial: plastic

PetSafe Frolicat CHATTER(bird) interactive cat toy

FroliCat Chatter's cat game is a dyke in a cat world - a fun world and fun.

  • FroliCat Chatter brushes the canary and thus attracts a cat, a famous hunter for the pernauts;
  • Chaotical movements encourage a pytomy to attack, jump, bite and run around toys, it helps maintain good physical shape;
  • The charge-saving mode turns off the toy after 10 to 15 minutes. This also contributes to the preservation of gambling and hunting instinct;
  • When you're at work, you can switch the FroliCat Chatter toys to spontaneous mode and the dysfunctional will move from time to time, and you can fly a canary from the war;
  • Prunch adds spontaneity to the game.


FroliCat Bolt (PTY45-14271)

Interactive laser toy, capable of attracting the attention of your pet for a long time. Just take Bolt or put it on the flat surface, turn on and watch your cat play.
The plastic toy hull has a broad, stable base, the top of the hull on the mobile mirror is reinforced by a miniature red laser (the beam is perfectly safe for humans and animals). A small-scale electric motor is capable of spinning in different directions around the vertical and horizontal axis.
The toy included creates a mobile light stain moving in the design trajectory. Even the lazy cat, forgetting the start-up importance, will hunt for a laser mouse. The immersion can be used in two modes: automatic and manual (in the second case the master of the animal determines the speed and trajectory of the light stain movement). Automatically, the " hot " session lasts 15 minutes, manually at the discretion of the owner of the pet.

FroliCat Bolt:

игрушка для кошек игрушка для кошек

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